How Much Does It Cost to Install a Furnace HEPA Filter?

When it comes to improving the air quality in your home, installing a furnace HEPA filter is one of the most effective solutions. This type of filter is designed to capture and remove dust, dirt, allergens, mold, and other airborne particles from the air. But how much does it cost to install a furnace HEPA filter?The cost of installing a furnace HEPA filter will depend on several factors, including the quality of the system chosen, the size of your home, installation costs, and any additional warranties or guarantees. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2,000 for a whole-house air purifier installation.

When selecting an air purifier system for your home, you'll want to consider the type of filter you need. For example, pleated filters contain more material in the same amount of space and cost a few dollars more than standard filters. They also work better at trapping and destroying germs, bacteria, mold, and smaller particles of dust and other irritants. On the other hand, ion units don't require fans and are usually quieter than HEPA models.

They also cost less to operate since there are no filters to replace. However, they don't do as good of a job at capturing and removing airborne particles from the air. It's also important to note that air moves vertically through a furnace, being pushed up from the blower to the overhead ducts. This means that whole house filters must be professionally installed in return air ducts in order to be effective. Finally, if your residential air purification system doesn't seem to be improving air quality, it may just need some routine maintenance.

In some cases, homeowners may also install a new filter incorrectly or damage it unknowingly.

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